Moonlight Mirror Chrome Dust
Moonlight Mirror Chrome Dust

Moonlight Mirror Chrome Dust

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Moonlight is a silver mirror chrome. 


* Apply your base colour of choice and cure.

* Apply 1 layer of Magpie TOP IT OFF. Ensure you use a NO WIPE top coat.

* Rub in your chrome powder. You can use our silicone tool or chrome sponge applicators.

* Dust away and excess powder using our SOFT DUSTER BRUSH.

* Lightly file/buff around the free edge of the nail. This lightly preps the nail free edge to prevent chipping.

* Cap with a layer of Magpie GIVE ME STRENGTH (make sure you seal the free edge) and cure.

* Finish with a layer of Top It Off.

VOILA - sit back and enjoy your high shine, chrome finish manicure.

1g product 

** Please note this product is packaged in a 4g jar. The jar will NOT be full when you receive it** 

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