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Use the Acrylic System

The Magpie Acrylic System offers velvety smooth acrylic powders that are easy to apply. There are 2 options of HEMA FREE monomers to choose from, allowing the nail tech to decide if they prefer a fast or medium set to the acrylic. 

The Magpie Acrylic System is a wet system. Be sure to practice to get the practice picking up a proper bead before applying on clients.


Prep & Dehydrate - The liquid used to clean the nail plate after prepping the nail plate for product. 

Magpie Non Acid Primer - A dehydrating primer, meant to be used sparingly on the nail prior to product application. 

Magpie Acid Primer - This primer meant for pre-acrylic application only. PLEASE use extreme care when applying Magpie Acid Primer. Take care not to touch any surrounding skin. Apply a small dot to the nail surface and allow to dry thoroughly before applying acrylic. Please note: Using acrylic on top of wet primer may cause a yellowing and potentially, a reaction under the enhancement.

Acrylic Product Essentials

  • Dappen Dish for Magpie Liquids - the most practical dappen dish to hold your Perfect Poly Liquid. 
  • Acrylic Kolinsky Sable Hair Brush - Available in sizes 8, 10 or 12. Before use, please remove all residue from the bristles of the brush. 
  • Butterfly or Fab Fit Forms - Your new favorite forms! These fully customizable forms hold their shape and allow for the nail tech to create any desired shape. 

Core Acrylic Powders

  • Ice Queen - Crystal Clear, perfect for encapsulating designs
  • Colored acrylics are highly pigmented for full nail coverage
  • Core acrylic powders are strength powders, meant for full coverage or for encapsulation

Colored Acrylic Powders

  • Highly pigmented
  • Available in matte or shimmer finishes
  • Ideal for creating individual style for clients

Acrylic Monomers - be sure to practice achieving the proper liquid to powder ratio for proper set. *The Magpie Monomers require the use of Magpie Acid Primer prior to application.

  • DREAM Monomer
    • Medium Speed setting monomer
    • Low odor
    • HEMA Free
  • HEMA Free Monomer
    • Fast setting monomer

    Top Coat Options - 60 second cure in the Magpie LED lamp

    • Like a Diamond - A super shiny, high durability, lasting shine top coat. A perfect viscosity to prevent flooding side walls and great for smooth glitter coverage. Cleanse the inhibition layer with Magpie Cleanser. (HEMA FREE)
    • Top It Off, NO WIPE - A super shiny, high durability, lasting shine top coat. A perfect viscosity to prevent flooding side walls and great for smooth glitter coverage. Perfect top coat for Magpie Chrome application. Available in clear and shimmer finishes. (HEMA FREE)
    • Velvet Top, Matte - A no wipe top coat that cures to a velvety smooth finish. (does contain a small amount of HEMA)
      • For best results - REMOVE the inhibition layer of the color gel before applying the Velvet Top. Apply a thin layer and cure fully for a no wipe, no streak result.