About Us

Magpie Beauty was created by Sarah Shakespeare in 2015 and has been inspiring creativity ever since. She started with 10 glitters and has continued to create hundreds of beautiful products that are fantastic (and easy!) for nail techs to use in their everyday salon setting. In 2017, Magpie Beauty introduced a full line of 100% pure gel polishes, that are highly pigmented, vegan, cruelty free and that are now HEMA free. With stunning  and innovative new products being released on a regular basis, Magpie Beauty has proven to be a company that has the nail tech in mind!

Magpie Beauty USA was started in 2018 and we are thrilled to be able to provide these products to nail techs in North America. We plan to be where you are - at nail only shows throughout the US. We are working hard to create a Magpie Beauty USA Educator program and hope you will stay tuned for that opportunity!

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Instagram: @MagpieBeautyUSA