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Magpie Efile Bits and Sanding Bands

These items are intended for professionals only. Please double check the contents of your cart. Due to the nature of the products we sell, all sales are final. 

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  1. Bit Storage Box
    Sold Out
  2. Disinfectant Pot
  3. Wire Brush
  4. Purple Sanding Bands
  5. Mandrel Bit
  6. Mini Baby Ball Diamond Bit
    Sold Out
  7. Baby Ball Bit
  8. Big Ball Bit
  9. Bambino Bit
  10. Dinky Bit
  11. Itsy Bitsy Bit
  12. Preppy Bit
    Sold Out
  13. Teenie Weenie Bit
  14. BFF Bit Carbide - Extra Extra Fine
  15. BFF Bit Carbide - Extra Fine
  16. Boss Bit Carbide - Extra Extra Fine
  17. Boss Bit Carbide - Extra Fine
  18. Boss Bit Carbide - fine
  19. Boss Bit Carbide - medium
  20. Pixie Bit
  21. Buddy Carbide Bit (medium)
  22. Buddy Carbide Bit (coarse)