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Magpie Dusts, Chromes and Flakes

Dusts add the perfect shimmer to a manicure. Pat onto the tacky layer of gel, gently brush off the excess and top coat twice OR mix with acrylic for a beautiful shimmer depth. 

Chromes can be used as either a dust or a chrome. Mix with base or top coat to create paint to add to nail art, dust onto the tacky layer of gel and gently brush off the excess, mix with clear acrylic OR chrome over Magpie Gel Don't Be Tacky.

Flakes are fun to encapsulate in gel or acrylic. If applied to the tacky layer of gel polish, cover with a layer of Magpie Gel Give Me Strength clear and then a layer of Magpie Don't Be Tacky top coat. 

Chrome Flakes offer versatility as they can be applied as a flake or chromed over Magpie Gel Don't Be Tacky.

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  1. Amanda Flakes
  2. Amber Dust
  3. Amethyst Chrome Dust
  4. Annabelle Flakes
  5. Anona Chrome Dust
  6. Arthur Flakes
  7. Ashley Flakes
  8. Auburn Chrome Dust
  9. Audrey Chrome Dust
  10. Aurora Holo Chrome Dust
  11. Beetle Chrome Dust
  12. Bella Holo Chrome Dust
  13. Billie Flakes
  14. Bloom Flakes
  15. Bobbie Flakes
  16. Brandy Chrome Dust
  17. Bridie Chrome Dust
  18. Bruna Chrome Dust
  19. Buddy Flakes