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Build Me Up Pot - Blush

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Magpie BUILD ME UP Builder Gel - Blush is a semi - sheer pale pink.

Build Me Up pot is a suspension gel formula that can become a thin viscosity by stirring the pot. Allow the gel to sit for 24 hours to return to the original gel viscosity.

A super strong, lightweight builder gel. Allows you to create long & super strong yet flexible enhancements or overlays with effortless application and ease. Magpie Primer is not required, but optional.

Reasons we love Magpie BUILD ME UP (BMU)

  • 🖤Baseless - no need for base coat
  • 🖤HEMA Free
  • 🖤Incredible adhesion
  • 🖤Create strong enhancements using forms or tips
  • 🖤Cures strong like hard gel or acrylic
  • 🖤5 shades available (CLEAR, CLOUD, BLUSH, NAKED, BUFF)
  • 🖤Chip & lift resistant
  • 🖤100% Gel
  • 🖤Self leveling
  • 🖤3 weeks + wear 
  • 🖤60 second cure in the Magpie Lamp
  • 🖤SOAK OFF (we do however recommend to infill this product

Magpie Gels are formulated with the highest quality, adhere to the strict EU regulations and are fully manufactured in the UK.

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