Set of 3 Nail Art Brushes

Set of 3 Nail Art Brushes

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The TRI-FECTA of nail art brushes! The Detailer will take care of all of your fine details. The Striper will take care of ALL the line work - vertical, horizontal, diagonal, criss cross... you name it, it's a boss! The Illustrator will make you feel like a literal wizard by moving large amount of gel into place with ease. The Magpie nail art brushes are truly top notch. 

Suggestion: purchase a Magpie Gold Lid to store your brush and protect the bristles. 

Taking care of your brush! Please do not use any solvents or cleaning products. Gently wipe your brush with a dry lint free wipe to remove any product. Rub the bristles though top gloss such as Magpie Shine Bright to clean out any colored gel. Store flat in a dark drawer or upside down in the Magpie Gold Lid.

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