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Spring Collection - Gel Colors

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  1. Top It Off No Wipe Top Coat - Clear
  2. Top It Off No Wipe Top Coat - Holo Glitz
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  3. Top It Off No Wipe Top Coat - Pink Glitz
  4. Velvet Top - MATTE Top Coat (no wipe)
  5. Get A Grip Cupid - Base Coat
  6. Get A Grip Bellini - Base Coat
  7. Get A Grip Truffle - Base Coat
  8. Get a Grip Cloud - Base Coat
  9. Life's a Beach Gel Color Collection 2021
  10. Cover Up Collection 2021
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  11. Sweet Treat Gel Color Collection
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  12. Boho Babe Gel Polish Collection 2023
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  13. Breakfast at Tiffany's Gel Color
  14. Cotton Candy Gel Color