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Holiday 2022 Collection - Gel Polish

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  1. Top It Off No Wipe Top Coat - Gold Glitz
  2. Top It Off No Wipe Top Coat - Holo Glitz
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  3. Top It Off No Wipe Top Coat - Pink Glitz
  4. Velvet Top - MATTE Top Coat (no wipe)
  5. Angel Delight Gel Color
  6. Bah Humbug Gel Color
  7. Bella Rouge Gel Color
  8. Berry Licious Gel Color
  9. Bloody Mary Gel Color
  10. Candy Cane Gel Polish
  11. Carol Singer Gel Polish
  12. Champagne Darling Gel Color
  13. Chris Tingle Gel Polish
  14. Crown Jules Gel Color
  15. Dancing in the Dark Gel Color